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When Is It Too Late to Prevent Lazy Eye?

a child with amblyopia, or lazy eye

For many children, a lazy eye is a potential concern for their overall vision. If left unaddressed, this condition can affect someone into adulthood. A lazy eye is often treatable, but is it ever too late to prevent this condition from developing?  Continue reading to learn more about amblyopia, including if it’s ever too late […]

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Can Vision Therapy Be Done at Home?

a young girl covers one eye during vision therapy

Vision therapy is a supervised program for effectively treating impaired visual function. With vision therapy, patients develop the skills they need to cope with learning-related vision problems and other visual disorders.  The recommendation is that the patient complete this vision therapy with a trained vision therapist under the supervision of an optometrist. However, supplemental exercises […]

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Importance of Baseline Concussion Testing for Athletes: A Case Study

Dr. J. Yeaman, O.D. Background: Concussions are being reported in increasing numbers in youth and young adult populations, with many of these injuries occurring during athletic performance. Visual symptoms are frequent in these patients and include blurred vision, diplopia, visual fatigue with near work and loss of place when reading. Many athletes have exceptional visual […]

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